A pilgrimage through Ancient woodlands

I would like to take you on part of a route followed in June known as the Jerusalem’ Pilgrimage, from Haslemere to Chichester. Dismounting from the train in Haslemere you head out of the town, past the large gated houses. After about 15 minutes you leave the busy road and enter the ancient woodland. FirstContinue reading “A pilgrimage through Ancient woodlands”

Formative Review Feedback

Feedback from staff and Students at PCA Jessica Corlett – Student11:17 Walk On exhibition that was in Plymouth 6/7 years ago Timothy Ridley – Student11:17 Derrida, ‘The animal that therefore I am” Jessica Corlett – Student11:19 sound mapping Leah Jewitt – Student11:21 The walk itself is a piece of art Timothy Ridley – Student11:21 MarcusContinue reading “Formative Review Feedback”

The sight of the walker

A reflection on William Sharpes article – Part One This is the first part summary taken from William Sharpes paper in Walking Bodies (2020), on reading the paper, I started to find alignment with my work which Sharpe (2020) talked about. The first statement Sharpe ponders is whether; ‘walking art offers its proponents a choice;Continue reading “The sight of the walker”