Shipping forecast

..Sole, Lundy, Fastnet

Shipping Forecast 28th November 2022

Wind. Southwest 6 to gale 8 veering west 7 to severe gale 9.
Sea State Very rough or high, but rough at first in north.
Weather Rain then showers.
Visibility Good, occasionally poor

Living on a granite rock in the middle of the Bristol Channel, edging onto the Atlantic, the weather affects life on Lundy.

Both visitors and supplies come by helicopter in the Winter months, so visibility and wind is a measure as to whether the helicopter will fly to Lundy from Hartland. If the cloud base and consequently visibility is low (which can happen often on Lundy) then the helicopter won’t fly. This means that visitors already on the Island will not depart and those waiting at the heliport in Hartland will not arrive. For some visitors the idea of the extra day is exciting, but for those waiting at Hartland disappointing.

In the Spring/Summer/Autumn it’s the boat so the sea state and the wind affects whether the boat will sail or not, or if it does whether it will bring day trippers. Strong easterly winds make it difficult for the Oldenburg to dock.

For visitors the weather forecast, which is displayed in the Tavern is a focal point for finding out about the weather, especially if they are holidaying with no Internet. A quick look at the weather forecast will help visitors decide how to plan their day. Easterly winds mean they might not use the East coast Path and chose to go up the more rugged west side of the island instead. Westerly winds mean that they can take the lower path that hugs the East coast.

For staff working in the Tavern it can effect which properties might come down to dinner, if it’s windy and wet, then maybe the closer properties to the Pub, will come out of their houses but those at Castles or Old Lights and Tibbets may not. It is all a bit of a guessing game and discussion point.

Weather can also determine where the animals might shelter on the island, so if you are looking for the Highland cows, the soay sheep and the Sika deer, check the weather.

Jane Sharkey drawings

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