Lundy Craft Markets

Markets come to a close..for now

As Lundy residents we have created a crafting community whose work can be displayed and sold through a programme of craft markets. We have had 3 months of markets leading up to Christmas. The markets have given me the opportunity to see if the work I produce has a market. As we come to the end of 2022 I can reflect on the success of the market.

Most of the crafts I create are individual pieces, which by their nature take a lot of time to create, this means that a higher selling price is needed, to reflect at least some of the time spent. Although this meant some of my products were a bit more expensive, than other crafters products, I have sold most of my work.

It is hard to tell which items sold best. The recycled baskets and wreaths sold well, but the lundy wool weavings also sold over the time of the markets. The boho crochet garlands sold to a younger audience. As we got nearer to christmas items with relevance to christmas were selling better than the baskets.

The markets themselves were well received by visitors and is definitely something they would like to see at other times of the year. As we are thinking maybe Easter and Summer, I need to start making in order to have products to sell. My practice is very much developing and I like to try new processes, I will spend the next few months researching and making, and as I now have an outlet to sell products that I make.

lundy craft market
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