Lundy Marine Festival

As the Lundy Marine festival draws to a close, I have found that the festival has opened up my creativity to include the seascape as well as landscape.

Snorkeling has introduced me to a whole new world under the sea. Although on my first attempt, I took in too much water, I started to get the hang of it after a few more attempts. Yes, I wore a wetsuit, although i am wetsuit averse (due to the time it takes me to get one on) I realised I could swim amongst the jellyfish and see how amazing they are from below. I am keen to represent the sea world by using yarn to represent kelp in my weaving. Maybe also in could investigate the use of actual seaweed in my weaving, also investigating whether seaweed can be used to dye wool.

Jellyfish have been around for most of the festival. I often found there were more in Christies Quay and around the Jetty than on the beach. I became braver in the water once I had been stung a few times. The worse being at the end of the jetty where I could feel that I swam (swimsuit) amidst some long tentacles, the sting lasted about 20 mins but some antihistamines seemed to sort it out.

Rock Pooling I did a couple of times, but I need to do a rock pool ramble, so that I can see where to look and how to look. I could produce a wall hanging with crocheted marine creatures on it, a chance to Incorporate weaving and crochet

Wild swimming mostly swimming in the bay or off the jetty, a small group of us did venture into Devils kitchen to do a more wild swim. It was amazing as the moon was coming and swimming above the rock pools at a high spring tide, felt like we were exploring new territory. I did get invited by the climbers to swim through the cave in Rat Island, I did turn them down and probably a good thing, as you need the tide and sea conditions to be perfect and probably the best time to go is at slack tide. I did have visiting swim friends who went swimming in Devils Kitchen at low tide, they decided to play mermaids but within minutes came out in big rashes which turned to bruising. After chatting with people in the know, it seemed to be from the snakelock anemones.

Ghost net baskets display ‘Untangled’. I was grateful for the opportunity to display all my baskets at one time in an exhibit titled ‘Untangled’. I hope that this display has passed on an awareness to people of the problems from discarded or lost fishing nets. Only a few weeks ago there was a sighting of a seal on quarry beach with netting stuck all around its neck, its real and it’s on our doorstep.


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