The soay fleece

My Lundy woven wall hangings contain a mix of the domestic and wild flocks on Lundy. Whilst the domestic animals are sheared, the wild ones molt on the move. I could obtain fleece from other means but i like to source it from its natural habitat. This process of walking and collecting is quite a mindful activity. So I walk around Middle Park, following the tracks of the soay sheep. However on a windy. island lots of the soay fleece blows away! Fortunately where the soay sleep and shelter amongst the rocks, the fleece can stick to the lichen. I then take it home wash it and card it into a batt. I can then use this batt for weaving with.

I weave with a mix of lundy fleece from both the domestic and wild herds. Each wall hanging is slightly different and quite tactile in nature. I have used locally sourced driftwood to hang them from.

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