Weaving walls

I wanted to weave a wall hanging that represented the granite which makes Lundy.

With each weave I try to introduce new weaving stitches and a variety of fibres. This one uses recycled cotton rope, merino roving and a variety of yarn weights intertwined with some silver thread. I have used hemstitch, egyptian knots, tabby weave and soumak stitches.

The weave was created on Lundy, predominantly a granite island located in the Bristol channel. The Island is intersected by three granite walls. Known as Quarter wall, Halfway wall and Three-quarter. wall These walls are made from the granite and have been standing for many years. It is said that halfway wall was built by convicts and is reputedly far better built than halfway wall. These convicts were to to work by Thomas Benson who was supposedly taking them to America, but thought he might reduce travel costs by just taking them to lundy.

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