Weaving Stories Sea and Sand

Although I come from a cotton mill town in East Lancashire, I love sea swimming and dipping especially in cold water. I have lived near the sea for the last twenty years but it is only in the last two years that I have actually enjoyed going in the sea especially in the winter months.

When I moved to Lundy I needed to find like minded people to dip with so I set up the Lundy Bluetits which is part of an International network of Chill Swimmers. Now a few of the Lundy residents dip with me and I particularly enjoy it when we meet visitors who also love a cold dip. Everyone has great stores to share but we were all incredibly motivated when we were joined by Sadie Davies who is the only female to have swum to Lundy from the mainland. Sadie is in the middle with two other amazing females with their bluetit badges for their first bluetit Lundy swim.

Spending so much time by the water inspired my Beach Weaves. These were both created using home made cardboard looms with a variety of fibres and patterns to represent the landscape and hung with pieces of local driftwood. They represent the beaches; sand and the waves of North Devon an area which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has now become the first Uk Surf Reserve. The cardboard looms will be ideal for running some mini weave workshops in the St Helen’s Education Centre.

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