The arrivals

The MS Oldenburg arriving at the Jetty on Lundy Island

The boat is a crucial link for the Island, it’s a lifeline for the Island as it not only brings passengers but supplies and communications from the mainland. One Autumn day, I sat watching the boat arrive at the Jetty, I penned a few observational notes, what follows is the result.

I watch and wait as she arrives, from Bideford she set sail

MS Oldenburg, 230 passengers, Luggage, supplies and mail.

Sitting still I watch, from my little sheltered spot

I question and wonder….who will be the first off?

With The beach road ahead, It’s a challenging climb

Enjoyed by the fittest, but for some it’s a dread

They pass me by on steps by the track

An old fishing place, rocky ruins of a shack

With the sun on my face, I settle back and lie

Receiving cheery Hello’s, from passer bys 

Wrapped in scarves and hats, It must have been cold at sea

These clothes they will shed, When for the hill they head

A family with a picnic, they are in for a trek

A birder dressed in green, binoculars round his neck

A smiling lady, with a few days away

Alone in a cottage, away from the fray

Families with teenagers, dragging their heels 

Searching for 3G, they are oblivious of the seals

A couple with a baby on their back, jackets already off,

they are ready for the climb, It’s all uphill on a very steep track

Here comes a camper, carrying his own tent 

Sleeping in a field, will cut down his rent 

A grey haired couple, they are Holding hands 

Recounting their last visit, to this granite land

Next comes the land rover, Hugging the edge of the rock

People startle and scurry, they need to move over 

A man with Tilly hat,  walking boots and big socks

The sound of Waterproofs swish past, as he walks between the rocks

A rainbow of waterproofs, comes along next 

A clutch of Students ready to research, excited there is now wifi at church

A case on wheels rumbles on up, creating a noise on its way to the top

I think the steep climb, will result in lots of stops. 

Just then a lady shouts ‘Hello Jane’, fancy seeing you 

A lady from Barnstaple, at last Someone I knew

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