Formative Review Feedback

Feedback from staff and Students at PCA

Jessica Corlett – Student11:17 Walk On exhibition that was in Plymouth 6/7 years ago

Timothy Ridley – Student11:17 Derrida, ‘The animal that therefore I am”

Jessica Corlett – Student11:19 sound mapping

Leah Jewitt – Student11:21 The walk itself is a piece of art

Timothy Ridley – Student11:21 Marcus Coates work with birds and sound hops into my head

Timothy Ridley – Student11:26 The tone of your work should reflect your personality I always think?

Jessica Corlett – Student11:27 people with synesthesia have mixed ways they feel and see sense – could you represent senses through visual metaphor? I followed this up with a article on synesthesia which I incorporated into the essence of the essay

Timothy Ridley – Student11:28 Just walking is politically charged along lines of trespass and being outside of the capitalist day to day. I followed this up with a piece on Trespass

Leah Jewitt – Student11:29 When talking about senses and print, you could print with found objects which stimulate your physical senses, using them as printing blocks for example. This has moved me to using essential oils and pigments.

Ray Goodwin – Student11:30 I was going to suggest psychogeography too, as well as the Flaneur

Timothy Ridley – Student11:30 Yes place over space seems implicit in your work Jane.

Steven Paige11:31 look to

Stephen Felmingham11:32 Psycho-geography. se

Antigoni Pasidi11:32

Stephen Felmingham11:33 also look at Paul Nash – Fertile Image – which I have since done.

Patrick Keiller – I have since looked at this work and it definately has some resonance with my work. I used this idea to take forward the work ‘Wandered lonely as a cloud.’

Dr Iain Biggs – Deep Mapping. I need to explore this work more. Antigoni has provided me with an array of slides on Deep Mapping. I will need to look at how this affects my research proposal, is it complimentary?

The work of David Nash I have referred to Land artist David Nash in my work before. His work with sculpture and wood connects with the landscape.

Trevor Borg His work is interesting as he uses a variety of media which is born from site specific practice; His work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, photography and film. Which is something that I would like to explore. He investigates territory and aspects of temporality. He uses Found matter and repurposes it. Borg’s work explores the potential of matter and how it contributes to an understanding of place. This is feel is related to my work.

I felt bound by print but after a conversation with Antigoni I feel that I can explore as a fine artist would and just come back to print. Even a printed catalogue of my work could be the work. At this point I went back and visited the lectures and I was thankful that they had been recorded as I could start to see where my work had become multi-disciplinary.


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