Welcome to meanderlings, this site came out of a desire to make sense of the research work I am creating for my MA in Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art. My original research proposal was to research pilgrimages, pilgrim routes and investigate the rise in the number of people walking pilgrim routes. To question what of this walk, this pilgrimage? are we merely walking or are we trying to connect the landscape to an inner experience. However lockdown presented me with a travel issue and my pilgrimage through Portugal to Santiago de compostela was put on hold. As an alternative I took the advice of the British Pilgrimage Trust (BPT) and started to bring the notion of pilgrimage closer to home with mini pilgrimages. By creating a destinatination of holy places, churches and specific sites and by adding an intention to my walks, I found that I could create my own mini pilgrimages. The BPT cite in the Guardian

‘structure your walk around a purpose unique to you, determined by your heart and activated by your feet. All of us usually have at least one question we want answering, something we want to bring into our lives, or let go of. So choose one intention from your many options, dedicate your daily walk to that purpose, and perhaps the world around you will start to resonate with it.

An offshoot of my proposal is how we can connect with specific places such as; Holy Wells places that we may come across on a route or by using them to plan a route. Also to question can a Holy Well create a space that society can use today? Can it be re-purposed or indeed used for its original purposes. The SouthWest has hundreds of Holy Wells, not all of them are classed as holy but some are simple springs. I hope that this blog will help me to contextualise my work and show the steps I have taken in the process of exploring and refining my research question. It will be a platform to identify strengths and weaknesses of my research proposal and show how I have engaged and experimented with different methods and approaches. It will show a body of work that inks together or takes a departure from my original research proposal. I will explain what and who are the inspirations behind the work and analyse what progress I feel that I have made in creating the work. My MA is in Printmaking so I need to come back to this method at each twist and turn.

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