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Lundy Marine Festival

As the Lundy Marine festival draws to a close, I have found that the festival has opened up my creativity to include the seascape as well as landscape. Snorkeling has introduced me to a whole new world under the sea. Although on my first attempt, I took in too much water, I started to get…

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The soay fleece

My Lundy woven wall hangings contain a mix of the domestic and wild flocks on Lundy. Whilst the domestic animals are sheared, the wild ones molt on the move. I could obtain fleece from other means but i like to source it from its natural habitat. This process of walking and collecting is quite a…

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Weaving walls

I wanted to weave a wall hanging that represented the granite which makes Lundy. With each weave I try to introduce new weaving stitches and a variety of fibres. This one uses recycled cotton rope, merino roving and a variety of yarn weights intertwined with some silver thread. I have used hemstitch, egyptian knots, tabby…

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