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My reflective journal

The soay fleece

My Lundy woven wall hangings contain a mix of the domestic and wild flocks on Lundy. Whilst the domestic animals are sheared, the wild ones molt on the move. I could obtain fleece from other means but i like to source it from its natural habitat. This process of walking and collecting is quite a…

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Weaving walls

I wanted to weave a wall hanging that represented the granite which makes Lundy. With each weave I try to introduce new weaving stitches and a variety of fibres. This one uses recycled cotton rope, merino roving and a variety of yarn weights intertwined with some silver thread. I have used hemstitch, egyptian knots, tabby…

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The Valley of the villa

Its May and the Valley is bursting into life. The paths draw you around the valley of the Villa, up and down steps of varying heights. Pennywort is escaping through spaces in the dry stone walls. Paths that have been trodden in family histories of the Heaven and Harman families. Visiting birds take rest within…

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